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Неплохо бы перевод! Вадимий 12:58, 23 июня 2010 (UTC)

The birch bears fine leaves on shining boughs
it grows pale green and glittering
the flower of the trees in bloom
fair-haired and supple-limbed
the ruler of the mountain.
The winds call, they shake gently
she bends her boughs low in sport
smooth, straight and white-barked
trembling she speaks a language
a bright token, a good mystery, blessing my people.
Evening grows dark with clouds
the lightning flashes, the fine leaves fly free
but firm and faithful the white birch stands
bare and waits, ruling the mountain.
Осталось только выучить английский :)
Hellerick 17:46, 23 июня 2010 (UTC)