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Romanization of cyrillic letters

А, а a
Б, б b
В, в v
Г, г d
Д, д d
Е, е je e, after a consonant
Ё, ё ë, after a consonant In most cases the letters Е and Ё don't have to be distinguished. When the character "ë" is not available, it's substituted by "e".
Ж, ж zh
З, з z
И, и i
Й, й j
К, к k
Л, л l
М, м m
Н, н n
О, о o
П, п p
Р, р r
С, с s
Т, т t
У, у u
Ф, ф f
Х, х x
Ц, ц c
Ч, ч ch
Ш, ш sh
Щ, щ sch The letter Щ and the combination СЧ are pronounced the same
Ъ, ъ y See the section "Romanization of letter combinations" below
Ы, ы y
Ь, ь j y, before a vowel See the section "Romanization of letter combinations" below
Э, э e eh, after a consonant
Ю, ю ju
Я, я ja

Romanization of letter combinations

ья, ъя ya
ье, ъе ye
ьё, ъё
ьи yi
ьо yo
ью, ъю yu